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Club DanSing is all about singing, dancing, the performing arts but most of all, HAVING FUN. Dance and song are great exercise too, Our classes are structured to allow each child to get the most from their time with us at the club. We want everyone involved in the club to enjoy learning about the performing arts. With this in mind, we do not have examinations or other standard pressures.

Why should your child attend Club DanSing?

As well as being great fun, it has been proven that singing is very good for your health, both mental and physical.
When done properly, singing has both physical and psychological health benefits. Physically, because it is an aerobic activity that increases oxygen and works the upper muscle groups.  Emotionally it has been proven to reduce stress and produce “feel good” hormones.

A 24-week study was conducted in to effects of using dance as a leisure activity. West Virginia University monitored participants’ weight, blood pressure, body mass index, arterial function, fitness levels, and general attitudes towards exercise.

The study found that the majority of children participating did not gain weight during the course of the study, and did experience improvements in aerobic capacity, blood pressure, and overall fitness level. Perhaps more significantly for the children’s’ long-term health, their attitudes towards exercise became more positive, and the children’s’ self-esteem improved.



Each year we work toward putting on a show to entertain parents and friends in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We pride ourselves that each and every child who attends Club DanSing gets something unique from the experience and learns a little about performing and performance. Being on the stage and performing at the annual show is just one aspect of the club, we want every child to feel they have learned and made a contribution to the show. Most of all, we want every child to look back on their time with Club DanSing and feel that they have enjoyed that time to the full.

2011 End Of Year Show2011 End Of Year Show2011 End Of Year Show

Club DanSing is also a great place to make new friends and exercise social muscles as well as bodily ones. We operate in a family way where every child knows they can talk to the teachers (Tina Rose and Gemma Lloyd) at any time and about any subject.

We have had great success with our kids and now have several current and ex-students who have performed professionally, been involved with the local theatre group or even moved on to pursue a professional singing or dancing career but we do STRESS that this is not the primary aim of Club DanSing; the kids attend to enjoy performance and have fun. We welcome comments from children and/or parents and all suggestions will be carefully considered. We are always looking to improve our club.

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Click on the logo to the left to register your child online for Club DanSing. The form is very straight forward but if you need any assistance you can contact me directly using the details on the contact page. Online registration allows us to allocate places more quickly and guarantees your child a place at the club. You will also have the option to order T-shirts and other merchandise if required.


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